Monday, May 17, 2010

2.49b Yafaray Tutorial

YafaRay is an external renderer (download it from that is integrated with Blender 2.49 via Python scripts. You can add many dramatic features, such as global illumination, caustics, enhanced ray tracing, and self illuminated objects, to your renders, with YafaRay. YafaRay extends Blender's built in renderer with special types of lighting, new material options, and enhanced world settings.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

2.49b Hat Creation

This tutorial is based on the Blender 3D Noob to Pro Wikibook Hat Creation Tutorial, at: Even though the hat is simple, creating it shows off an advanced Blender mesh feature, the Spin tool. The wikibook actually creates the hat as one step in creating a simple person. In this tutorial, I will just focus on how to create the hat object. We will create the hat from a mesh circle. Although I used Blender 2.49b, this tutorial should work in any Blender 2.4x version, because we will set up the user preferences explicitly.